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100g Coconut Water Powder

100g Coconut Water Powder

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Olé Coconut Water Powder (100 g) | 100% Pure Superfood | Gluten Free, USDA, Non-GMO | 100% Dehydrated Coconut Water  | Packed with Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals | HYDRATION | ENERGY | ELECTROLYTES 

Real raw coconut water from Organic Coconuts with no fillers or maltodextrin.

Pure and unsweetened coconut water powder from organic sources provide hydration and electrolytes, and is a good way to help the body recover post-workout or for relieving cramps. No sugar added.

Full of potassium and a good source of iron, our Coconut Water Powder is made with a unique natural drying process using low heat, thus retaining phytonutrients and optimal taste.

  • No added sugar, no additives, fillers, preservatives, binders or any synthetic ingredients.

Ingredient: 100% Dehydrated Coconut Water 

Servings: Approx. 35-45 servings

  • Delivers energy and hydration when you need it. Economical and convenient. No need to haul heavy coconut water bottles around, no refrigeration necessary.
  • Delicate coconut water flavor with some natural sweetness, but no added sugar or maltodextrin. For a stronger coconut water flavor, just use less water.
  • High quality and not freeze-dried. Powder mixes well and dissolves easily, leaving no clumps.
  • Make smoothies: blend together Coconut Water Powder, fresh lemon & water. Plus add Wild Blueberry Powder, Acai Berry Powder.


Stunning Coconut Water Health Benefits

  • Sufficient amount of Electrolytes
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps dissolve kidney stones
  • Increases heart health
  • Burns fat faster


100% Dehydrated Coconut water


Direction of use

1 teaspoon per serving

Nutrition Facts

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